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Windows XP Professional

Designed for businesses of all sizes and for home users who demand the most from their computing experience, Windows XP Professional delivers the new standard in reliability and performance. It includes all the great features and new visual design of Windows XP Home Edition, plus premier security and privacy features, advanced recovery options, improved ability to connect to large networks, and much more.

• Top 10 benefits of Windows XP Professional
• Building your business on Windows XP Professional
• How to get Windows XP Professional

Windows XP Home Edition

Experience more than you thought possible with your home computer and the Internet. Windows XP Home Edition brings dependability and simplicity to your personal computer. It includes a cleaner, more intuitive visual design, advanced digital media features that make working with digital photographs or playing digital music simple and fun, and many new Windows experiences to explore.

• Top 10 benefits of Windows XP Home Edition
• Choosing between Home Edition and Professional
• How to get Windows XP Home Edition
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition leads the evolution of the notebook computer for businesses of all sizes. Thin and lightweight, but extremely powerful, the new Tablet PC provides the freedom to be truly mobile. By extending pen and speech capabilities, the Tablet PC provides you with a more versatile and natural computing experience. You can use the digital pen to write directly on the screen and control your computer just as you would with a mouse. Use the Tablet PC...
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