Update: Ultimate Links PC Tips - Laptop Lcd Repair

Replacing a broken laptop screen is more often than not, a very easy project. If you have a broken screen, don't jump on ebay and sell it for considerably less than it's worth. Instead, go to ebay and try to find the replacement LCD, the entire cover for your computer, or even better, your computer with a blown motherboard but intact screen! The later case, you not only get a new screen, but extra memory, a backup hard drive and perhaps even a WiFi card you didn't have before. It helps to know your computer.

If you don't, do your research first. Some laptops have the LCD glued (epoxied) into the frame. In these cases it's usually much easier to replace the whole cover. Most don't have this problem though.

I'm going to show how easy it is with an Apple iBook G4. I've also replaced the screens on Panasonic, Gateway and other laptops just as easily.What we'll need, besides the replacement LCD of course, are the tools to open the display enclosure.

In this case, we'll need a tiny magnetic phillips screwdriver, a size 1.5 allen wrench and something to pry apart the snap together frame, The later can be a couple of small (tiny) flat edged screwdrivers, a metal ruler or paint scraper with the edge filed to a sharper edge, etc.

In my case, I use the tools that were included with a battery replacement for an iPod. The tools alone were worth the cost of the battery!
For some, a pair of tweezers would help.
Anytime we work on a computer, it's best to remove all sources of power first. In this case, that includes the power supply and the battery.

Don't forget to remove the battery! The next step is to remove the cover. Examine around the screen. Look at all the metal and plastic parts. In some cases, the screws will be obvious. In others, you my have to remove stickers or rubber plugs to access them. Failing to find them, do a Google search for a take-apart instruction for your specific computer.

In this case, there were four obvious 1.5 allen screws on the sides.
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