Update: Ultimate Links PC Tips - Effective File Management

Managing folders - Best tips that you can use to manage your folders:

First of all, be sure that the folder that you are going to manage contains only sub-folders and not any files. With the grouping facility (although you do not get enough facilities as in case of files) you can:

Show the folders in thumbnail view, be sure that the number of folders is small since it gets too large in thumbnail view and takes much space. (And you feel reluctant to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the desired folder unless you have a scroll-ball in your mouse!). If any picture is stored in any of those folders you can see them as the folder template on the folder. If you have four pictures the folder will show as much as four pictures in Thumbnails view. I do not prefer this. I think showing only one picture template will make understand enough about he contents of the folder. Also it gives a cool look than that of four pictures!

Show the folders in icons view. This option is best in case you have almost 100s of folders. It allows you to see many of the folders at a time. But you will not get as much information as in case of the Tiles view. Here the Details pane comes into play! Use the Details pane, from where you can get info about folder type and the date created and more the particular folder. Also, when you pause your mouse on the folder you can see its size as well as some of the files stored in that folder.

Show the folders in Tiles view. This is the best, best and best option available if your folder contains not more than around 50 to 60 sub-folders. (Tiles view works quite fine with 80 sub-folders in my pc). It gives you great result both for a cool look as well as providing info about the folders. Perhaps the coolest file-management feature available only in Windows xp. If you are interested in the Tiles view, you are of my opinion.

The Details View, if you want details about a particular folder, you can switch to the Details view. The Details view is very helpful. It allows you to see details about the...

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