Update: Ultimate Links PC Tips - Computer Keyboard Drivers and Layouts

Keyboard drivers

Today, the majority of standard computer keyboards will be automatically detected and installed by the computer operating systems.

Computer keyboards using USB, Firewire, or other distinctive interfaces or keyboards that have special function keys may require additional software and/or drivers to work or to have the ability to utilize the special function keys. It is recommended you visit the keyboard manufacturer's web page to obtain the software and/or driver for your keyboard.

Keyboard layouts

Users who are using a different layout of computer keyboard, need their keyboard to work with a different language, or need support for characters such as accented characters may need to install a new keyboard layout for and/or install a Multilingual or International layout for their operating system.

Microsoft Windows 3.1x users can install a different layout by following the below steps.
From Program Manager, open the Control Panel.

Within the Control Panel window, open the International icon.

Select the US-International from the dropdown menu and install the...

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