Update: Computer Softwares Tips - Tip For Adobe Flash TN_12206

Authoring and ActionScript

  1. To quickly see Flash 5 syntax for a script from a Flash 4 file, open the FLA in Flash 5. The script will be converted to the new syntax. (Do not save unless you want the FLA to be permanently converted to a Flash 5 file.)
  2. Preserve rich text (HTML) formatting within editable text boxes using the Text Options panel.
  3. Automatically link text blocks to URLs using the Character panel.
  4. Use the onClipEvent action to assign actions directly to movie clip instances.
  5. Create "smart" movie clips that can easily be reused and customized.
  6. Use the Actions panel's Expert Mode setting to type ActionScript commands directly into the panel's text window or use an external code editor (for advanced users, only).
Productivity and workflow
  1. Save panel layouts for different tasks; one set for drawing and designing, another for scripting, and so forth.
  2. Use the Movie Explorer (Window > Movie Explorer) to easily navigate a movie structure and make modifications to the file.
  3. Create custom shortcut keys (Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts...) to increase productivity.
  1. Use Shared Libraries to contain media elements common to several loaded movies.
  2. Use font symbols to keep...

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