Update: Ultimate Links - Optimize your system for Gaming

Install computer games and running smoothly by following these tips. This how to was written with Windows 98 in mind. The tips will work on other operating systems, however you may find that the locations of the utilities are in different locations.

Disk Defragmenter
Disk Clean Up
Keep Operating System Software Updated
Check Hard Drive Space
Get Rid of Spyware
Minimize Number of Programs Running
Clean Out Add-on Game Files
Shut Down Properly
Antivirus Program

Disk Defragmenter
The defragmenter will organize your files so the computer can use the files you are accessing faster, since it won't have to search as long. Run this program with as few programs running in the background as possible. I suggest defragging your drive(s) every couple of weeks, before you install a program, or after you uninstall a few programs.

Find it here: Start -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter

This system utility checks for surface, folder and file errors and corrects them. Run this program if you computer was not shut down properly, creating a lot of error messages, or if programs seem to functioning abnormally. I suggest using scandisk about once a week to keep your drive(s) in top shape.

Find it here: Start -> Accessories -> System tools -> Scandisk

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