Update: Ultimate Links - Basic Games Troubleshooting

Verify the diskettes or CD are readable by reading the files from the drive. If the CD attempts to AutoPlay, you may need to right-click the drive and click Explore to browse the drive.

If the CD reads fine with no errors, verify your computer meets the minimum requirements of the game. If your computer does not have enough disk drive space or does not meet the requirements, the game may not install.

Make sure the game you are installing is compatible with the version of operating system you have on your computer. Many older games developed for MS-DOS or Windows 95 may not work or are incompatible with the later versions of Windows.

If you are using the AutoPlay menu to install the game, try executing the setup.exe or install.exe directly from the CD/DVD instead of the AutoPlay setup menu.

If you are getting stopped at the CD-KEY or Serial Number verification, verify you are entering your correct number. If you lost your number or key or it does not work, you will need to contact the developer of the game.

Other programs running in the background can cause issues with the program install. Make sure all programs and TSRs are closed. If you still continue to run into issues try installing the program from Safe Mode.

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