Update: PC Troubleshooting - How ToTurn Outlook Express Into A Spam Filter


Don't you just hate it?

You turn on your computer, connect to the internet, open up your Outlook Express and, hey presto! Your inbox fills up with a truckload of unsolicited emails, offering products and services that you just don't want or need!

It's bad enough being cold-called by telephone sales people, but now you're getting it from your computer too!

Sure enough, every day they darken your computer screen with adverts about viagra, mortgages, loans, breast and penis enlargements, porn and anything else they can throw at you!

More often than not, the same emails fall into your inbox several times a day from different spammers.

It's as if there's a whole gang of them, all in cahoots!

OK, so email clients like Hotmail and Yahoo have spam filters already built in to enable you to shift the spam, but, for some reason, your very own Outlook Express continues to lack any kind of filtering software. Don't you wish there was a way to automatically delete all the crap?

But hold on!

There is a way!

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