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Webmaster Central is Google's site for partnering with webmasters. Our suite of webmaster tools provides you with a free and easy way to make your site more Google-friendly, while our blog keeps you up to date with the latest developments from Google, and our discussion group is a forum for webmasters to discuss common issues and problems.

With Webmaster Tools, you can understand how Google sees your site - the first step towards improving your site's visibility in Google search results. You can also quickly see the most popular queries bringing users to your site. And since no one knows more about the pages on your site than you do, you can also share this info with Google to help us discover pages we might otherwise miss.

All you need is a Google Account - sign up for one on our Accounts home page. If you use Gmail, Orkut, Groups, iGoogle, or other Google products, you already have a Google Account and are ready to sign in to use Google webmaster tools.

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