Update: Get Free Tips - Unable to Login

I am a Windows 2000 Professional user. I am unable to login to my system ever since I installed a security update for my operating system. The security update was related to some buffer overrun vulnerability. When Windows tries to bring up the login screen I get an error saying it
unable to load the logon user interface. It mentions a file named Msgina.dll as the file that was unable to load. The message asks me to restore the DLL. How do I do that?

The msgina.dll file is required during the login process because it is required for user authentication in the GUI mode. You have not mentioned the name of the security update you installed. That might have not been installed correctly. Right now you can try to restart
the computer and press the [F8] key after the initial boot screen (memory test).

When the Advanced Startup Options appear, choose the "Last Known Good Configuration". You should reach the desktop since it will load a snapshot of the system when it had booted without
any problem...

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