Update: Get Free Tips - TightVNC in Network Application

How do I access a workstation from a single place?

To access workstations remotely, you can use the software TightVNC. It is a
very light utility and needs to be installed on the machine you want to control as
well as the machine that will be used as the controller. Consider Computer X and Y and say X is the computer you want to control from Y. You will have to install TightVNC Server on computer X (the one you want to control remotely), while TightVNC Viewer will need to be installed on computer Y. There are two modes to run TightVNC as an application or as a Windows Service. If you run it as an application then you will need to activate the server and its listener each time you restart whereas using it as a Windows Service will make it launch after every restart. The service can be installed from Start | Programs | TightVNC | Administration | Install VNC Service.

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