Update: Get Free Tips - Switching On and Off Devices on Notebooks Faster

A notebook should sustain battery life for as long as possible when on the move. Internal devices such as WLAN-adapter or modem often remain unused and use up a lot of power unnecessarily.

The components that are not needed can be deactivated and reactivated using the Device Manager, but the process is complicated. A suitable alternative is the free command line tool
‘Devcon’ from Microsoft. When you pack the required commands in a batch file, adouble-click is enough to switch on and switch off the superfluous devices.

Download the tool from ‘http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/1/f/11f7dd10-272d-4cd2-896f-9ce67f3e0240/devcon.exe’. Start‘devcon.exe’ and move both program
versions into an empty folder. Now, copy the 32-Bit variant from the sub-folder ‘I386’ in the Windows folder. If you have logged in as an Administrator, you can use ‘devcon’ directly from the command line. You can obtain information regarding the tool using the command ‘Devcon help’. Detailed instructions for individual commands can be obtained, if you use additional commands such as ‘Devcon help enable’. Before you use the available commands, determine the most cryptic identification of the device concerned. For that, use the command ‘devcon ind
* > C:\devices.txt’....

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