Update: Get Free Tips - Removable Drive is Recognized but not Displayed

The moment you insert the USB memory stick in the USB port of the computer,Windows reports it with a typical message tone. However, at times, the Explorer does not display the removable drive or the normal dialogue box does not open. On the other hand, all the other
hard disks and network permissions are displayed in the Explorer window.

The problem hits frequent users who work in an administered network. Network administrators often add new network permissions literally overnight. If a USB stick is used for the first time,
it receives the next free drive letter; for instance, ‘E:\’. Windows then maintains it even in the future. Now, the IT division and the network administrator have set up a network permission under ‘E:\’ and there is a conflict with the USB stick. Windows adds the removable disk under ‘E:\’ but displays only the network drive.

To solve the problem, you must change the drive letter of the USB stick. To do that, click on ‘Start | Settings | Control Panel | Administrative tools | Computer management’ or just right-click on My Computer and click ‘Manage...

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