Update: Get Free Tips - Printing files using specific printers through the ‘SendTo’ menu

Documents can be printed directly from their context menu only on the default printer. However, many offices use several printers; for example, a laser printer for text output and an ink-jet printer for images and graphics. Here’s how you can print directly to a specific printer from the ‘Send To’ menu option.

Integrate the required output devices in the ‘Send to’ context menu of the files. And then, all you need is a right-click and you can choose a specific printer from your printer list for your printing job.

It even works with the Adobe Distiller printer driver to print PDFs quickly. To do this, open the Windows Explorer by pressing [Windows] + [E]. Rest of the process is different for Vista and XP.

Windows XP: If the taskbar is visible on the left pane of Windows Explorer, click on ‘Folder’. In the directory structure, browse to ‘C:\Documents and Settings’ and open your user profile. The directory has the same name as your user account. In that, select the folder ‘SendTo’ in the tree structure and open it. Now drag and drop the required printer shortcut from the ‘Printers and Faxes’ in the control panel to SendTo folder.

Windows Vista: Here, you will find your profile under ‘C:\Users’. From there, switch to the sub-directory ‘AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\....

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