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Hype about Blue-Ray and HD-DVD formats

Twenty years back the two video tape formatsVHS (Victor Home Systems) and Betamax (Sony) fought a close battle. A few years after, the DVD Forum (DVD-R) and DVD Alliance (DVD+R) was battling it it out. Now it is time for us to witness how Blue-Ray dukes it out with HD-DVD.

HD-DVD Supported by NEC and Toshiba. Disc capacities of 15 and 30 GB for single and dual layer respectively. Blue-Ray Supported by Sony, Dell, Hitachi, and Pioneer. Disc capacities of 25 and 50 GB for single and dual layer respectively.
How it affects the user Both the media are Incompatible with each others players i.e. a Blue-Ray disc will not work on a HD-DVD player.

Both HD-DVD and Blue-Ray players are backward compatible with DVDs and CDs. So that means your old collection does not become redundant. Blu-Ray discs are expected to be more
expensive than HD-DVDs due to the different cover layer path requiring a new manufacturing process. HD-DVDs are a step ahead of the existing DVDs, so there will be minor cost differences
involved in manufacturing the discs.

Optical drives
Buying suggestion With good dual DVD writers available for as low as Rs 2,800 and next-generation optical media such as Blue-Ray and HD-DVD already available in the market,
we suggest you buy a DVD writer...

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