Update: Get Free Tips - Not displaying selected programs on the Start menu

Windows displays a list of the most frequently used applications on the Start menu. However, you always start some applications using a link on the desktop or from the quick start list.
Therefore, your symbols replace other useful programs in the start menu.

Using a Registry entry, decide which application should not appear in the Start menu. Under Vista, log in as administrator and open ‘Start | All Programs | Accessories | Run’. Enter
‘regedit.exe’, press [Enter], and start the Registry Editor. Click ‘Continue’ if asked by the User Account Control (UAC). Under XP on, click ‘Start | Run’, type ‘regedit’, and press [Enter] to open the Registry Editor. No security query is asked. In the tree structure of the editor,browse to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications’ key o n the left pane. Here, select the sub-keys for the applications
that you do not want to appear...

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