Update: Get Free Tips - Non-functioning USB

Im facing two problems with my system. The first is with my AGP driver. Several of my games give me a notification of an AGP card/video problem and as a result they either hang or return an error before crashing. According to the crash notifications, it mentions to check my DirectX version. I do have the latest version of DirectX installed but yet this problem occurs. The second is the USB problem no matter which USB device I plug into my computer, it reports it to be non-functioning or disconnected. As a result, Ive had to add a separate PCI-based USB hub for plugging my peripherals into my computer. Can you tell me whats happening to my computer?

First of all, make sure that the temperatures in your system are within check. Overheating due to faulty or failed system fans is the root cause of instability in systems. Next, check to see that your motherboards drivers are up to date since both of your problems point to integrated components on your motherboard,..

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