Update: Get Free Tips - Managing RSS Feeds Comfortably

You can subscribe to websites with RSS feeds and display it on the Internet Explorer 7 or in the sidebar of Windows Vista. However, because you use Outlook to store information, you
would prefer the subscribed feeds to be displayed centrally in this program.

Outlook 2007 manages RSS feeds as a ‘Personal Folder’, which you can find in the navigation area. If this is not visible, activate it using ‘View | Navigation area | Normal’. If you want, the navigation area can be minimized so that you see it as a vertical bar on the left. To do that, click on the bar ‘Navigation area’. Then, click ‘Email’, open the ‘All email elements’ tab, and go to the
‘Personal folder’. Under that, you will find the ‘RSS Feeds’ folder. It contains different folders for each subscribed feed.

Subscribing to a feed: To subscribe to a feed, you will require its URL. You can get it by clicking on the RSS feed icon in the browser. Then open ‘Tools | Account settings’ in Outlook, click on the dialog box with the same name, then click on ‘New’ in the ‘RSS Feeds’ tab, and enter the URL in the dialog box. Confirm by clicking on ‘Add’. In the next dialog box, you can specify the options for this feeds.For example, Outlook should automatically...

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