Update: Get Free Tips - Integrating Holidays and Vacation Dates in Windows Vista Calendar

The new Windows Calendar in Vista is practical, but sometimes you miss entries for important holidays. You would also like to add the current Diwali vacation dates to the calendar.

The Windows calendar in Vista is as good as a clean slate till you
add appointments yourself. It has no predefined schedules for Indian holidays, but you can integrate this in a matter of minutes. The yearly planner supports the latest ICS format. Then search your important schedules. Numerous
ICS files can be found at http://www.vaisnavacalendar.info/ics/ and other websites. You can ind lists of holidays for countries all around the world.

Now start Windows Calendar and click on ‘File | Import’. Click on ‘Search’, navigate to the ICS file you’ve downloaded and click on ‘Open’. In the ‘Target’..

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