Update: Get Free Tips - High CPU Utilization

For some time now, something has been bogging down your CPU. The whole computer has become slow and the system reports permanently high CPU usage. What is happening?

A possible cause for the high CPU usage is dificulty in accessing the hard disk. After six transfer errors, the IDE/ATAPI drivers gradually reduce the speed to the slowest, oldest PIO mode. This
could be caused by bad sectors on the magnetic disk surface. For the hard drive to work in the faster DMA mode again, you must temporarily uninstall the relevant controller. After restarting the system, Windows identifies it as new hardware, reinstalls the necessary drivers and makes
the standard settings for the connected devices. Press the key-combination [Windows] + [Pause/Break] to bring up the System Properties dialog box, activate the ‘Hardware’ tab and there, click on ‘Device Manager’. Extend the node ‘IDEATA/ATAPI-Controller’. Double-click on...

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