Update: Get Free Tips - Hidden Network Card in Windows

I had installed some monitoring software but it has been uninstalled a long time ago. Then once I tried to change some TCP/IP properties from the Local Area Connection Properties box. Unfortunately, whenever I click on Ok to save the changes I get a very strange message saying, The IPaddress you have entered for this network adapter is already assigned to another adapterfl. I have only one network adapter! I cannot make any changes to the TCP/IP properties. How do I get rid of this error?

This may sound strange but this error is because of the existence of a network adapter in the Device Manager, which is hidden. It could be because of the network monitoring software you installed or it could also be because of moving the network card to another slot. There is a way to view the hidden devices in the Device Manager but this information will not be helpful since you will not be able to distinguish between the real network adapter and the ghost.

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