Update: Get Free Tips - Fit the Full URL on Printouts

Sometimes, you may want to print out a Web page you’ve found, so that you can recommend the site to a friend later. But if the URL of the page is a long one, it’s likely to be truncated in
the footer of the printed page. This is because Internet Explorer, by default, uses a large font and cuts off any URL that doesn’t fit on the same line to accommodate the date.

To print the whole of a URL every time, click ‘Tools | internet Options’ and then on the ’General’ tab, click the ‘Fonts’ button. Then, select a Web page font that is more compact than Times New Roman; for example, Vista’s ‘Courier New’(This font, which is similar to Arial, will also become the default font for Web pages that don’t specify a font). If that doesn’t print the entire Web address, give URLs a separate line. To do so, pull down the Printer toolbar and select Page Setup.

Enter ‘&b&u’ in the Header field to devote the full header to the URL (aligned to the right). Then, enter...

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