Update: Get Free Tips - Ensuring Macro Usage

Comprehensive worksheets often contain macros and a password requests, without which the tables will not work properly and will deliver incorrect results. Therefore, you want to avoid any user from working on this file without activating the ‘Run Macro’ execution first.

We can easily program a quick macro so that no one can access the data in the file without running the macros. This is important because the users can always disable the macros by adjusting the security settings.
As a first measure, change the status of the worksheet to ‘AddIn’. This shows the user an empty Excel program window
on opening the file. The status can be changed by the macro so that it enables document viewing. Before closing a
worksheet, the macro resets the status automatically so that the same macro has to be run again for document access.
Two short macros enable automatic status switching. Open ‘Tools | Macro | Visual Basic Editor’ and double click on...

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