Update: Get Free Tips - Editing Individual Appointments of a Series

A series of appointments—like the usual invitation of a co-worker team to a discussion—is set up quickly. The problem arises when you want to postpone or delete individual appointments without affecting future appointments.

Outlook manages a series as an element. Therefore, you must delete the series completely, recreate it and then individually define the changed appointments. But there is an easier way
to do it. Export the calendar data to Excel correct it and import it back to Outlook.

While doing so, the program separates series of appointments from individual appointments.
eXPorting a SerieS: Open the calendar view and go to ‘File | Import and Export’. Select the option ‘Export to a file’ and click ‘Next’. Then select the file type ‘Microsoft Excel’ and click on ‘Next’. You can also select ‘Comma Separated Values (Windows)’, if you wish to edit the data
in Notepad. For the export, select the ‘Calendar’ folder and click on ‘Next’ again.

Now select a memory location and name for the Excel file. In the next step, confirm the action by clicking on ‘Finish’. Outlook now makes you aware of the restriction of the export, which is exactly what you want to use. Endless series cannot be exported. Therefore, let the suggested starting...

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