Update: Get Free Tips - Downloading several things Simultaneously in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, even in its latest avatar, has the ability to run just two simultaneous downloads. Waiting for one file to download before starting the other can be quite annoying, especially when you want to download several files from a particular website. Also, downloading several files one-by-one is also an inefficient way to work.

There are two registry values to change the number of simultaneous download. First start the registry editor and navigate your way to the ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\Microsoft\
Windows\Current Version\Internet Settings’ key. Now look for the DWORD value ‘MaxConnectionsPer1_0 Server’ on the right hand side of the window. If this key is not present, create it with ‘Edit | New | DWORD value’. Double-click on it to edit it. Enter the maximum number of parallel downloads you want—‘8’ for instance—and conirm with ‘OK’. In the
same way, also check DWORD value ‘MaxConnections PerServer’ in the same key and change it to a...

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