Update: Get Free Tips - Defragmenting the Swap File and Registry

To accelerate your computer, regularly defragment the contents of the system hard disk. However, during the defragment process, important elements such as the swap file are skipped, resulting in the slowing down of the computer.

Windows and the current defragmenters cannot access the files which have been exclusively opened by the system. Therefore, the registry data and the swap file are usually ignored
during the optimization. However, these files are used frequently and they take up a large amount of space. Therefore, their fragmenting slows down the system signiicantly. But then again, there are specialists to solve every problem. The tool ‘Pagedefrag’ uses the start phase
of the PCs to defragment the registry and swap file. During the start phase, Windows can access them.

After unpacking the zip archive, the tool can be readied for use by just calling ‘pagedefrag.exe’ without any further installation processes. It first shows how many clusters occupy the respective system files and how ‘fragmented’ they are. Besides the swap file, and the branches of the Registry, the tool also processes event protocols as well as the stand-by mode file. Its size corresponds to the quantity of the installed main memory.

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