Update: Get Free Tips - Configuring the Speed Dialling Function yourself in Opera 9

The new speed dialing function offers nine large buttons for accessing nine websites including Yahoo as your search engine when you open a new, empty tab. If you prefer Google as your search engine and also want to optimize the thumbnail of the websites offered, follow this tip.

Even though the speed dialing function can be filled with frequently surfed sites, the configuration of this practical function is slightly complicated and hidden deep down in the browser. Open ‘Tools | Preferences’ and go to the ‘Search’ tab. Select the desired search
engine in the list of defined providers— ‘Google’ in this case—and click on ‘Edit’ and on ‘Details’ in the next dialog.

Now activate the ‘Use as Speed Dial search engine’ option and confirm the open dialogs by clicking on ‘OK’ in each. You can include the website of your choice in the respective area by simply clicking, editing or moving by dragging & dropping. You can ensure that the thumbnails provide latest information using the context command ‘Enable’ in the ‘Reload every’ sub-menu and selecting the time frame as required.

Most of the websites do not offer a practical thumbnail because they use AJAX—the Google Mail website for instance. In such cases, the Opera browser can replace the preview with its own logos when requested.

You should first ensure that Opera does not automatically update the pictures from the website at a later point. To do so, right-click on the graphic and ensure that the ‘Enable’ option is switched off in the ‘Reload every’ sub-menu. Now close Opera and start Windows Explorer.

Enter ‘%AppData%’ in the address bar and press Enter—this directs you to the application data of your profile. Navigate your way...

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