Update: Get Free Tips - Activex Opera

I use Opera as my default web browseI noticed that this browser does not load ActiveX scripts. Web sites that use Activeto display content do not execute in my browser at all. I tried to look for some settings related to downloading and running ActiveX scripts but came across nothing. Is there a plug-in that I need to download?

ActiveX objects in a web page are not supported by Opera. VBScript pages are not Operas specialty. Pages using JavaScript are scripted since it is a very common language used in web
programming. There is a way (a tedious one) to make ActiveX pages load in Opera. It involves installing a Netscape plug-in (which also work for Opera) called Neptune. It can be downloaded for free from http://www.meadco.com/neptune/. Install the plug-in and Opera should automatically use Neptune to load the ActiveX page. This is achieved by running the IE engine within Opera.

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