Update: Computer Softwares Tips - Maya Software - Part 5 - List of Maya Plugins

Animation Plugins

Crowd animation middle ware for computer games.
Compatibility 7

Blast Code
Surface destruction plugin.
Compatibility 7/8.5

Comet Muscle System
Muscle simulation plugin.
Compatibility 7

Comet Smart Blend
Deformation plugin.
Compatibility 7

EMotion FX
Realtime character animation middleware for computer games.
Compatibility 7/8

Lip synchronization middleware for computer games.
Compatibility 7

Craft Director Tools
Plugins for vehicle animation and camera animation. Tanks, helicopters, airplanes, cars, trucks and more. Perfect for architecture fly-throughs and car trafic.
Compatibility 7- 2009(32/64-bit)

Turbo Graphix
Facilitates animation of layered Photoshop .PSD documents within the Maya 3D environment. Doubles as an image optimizer and compressor for real-time applications.
Compatibility 8/8.5/2008(32/64-bit)

Audio Plugin

Spatialized audio rendering plugin.
Compatibility 5/6/7

Cloth Plugin

Cloth simulator
Compatibility 6/6.5/7

Fluid Plugin

Fluid in real time.
Compatibility 7/8.5

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