Update: Computer Softwares Tips - Maya Software - Part 3 - Dynamics and Rendering

Dynamics and Simulation

Maya features a particle system for handling masses like steam and water drops. Dynamic fields allow adding gravity, wind and vortexes, allowing for effects such as blowing leaves or even tornados. Special tools give artists the ability to brush and style particles like hair and fur. This module is a direct evolution of Wavefront Dynamation...geometric objects which collide automatically without explicit animation, as well as soft body objects which can ripple and bend, like flags and cloth.

Rendering and Render setup

Maya has an open render API, and allows for third party render integration. There is a number of renders supported, here is a list of a few:
  • Chaos Group, Vray
  • Cebas, FinalRender
  • DNA Research, 3Delight
  • Illuminate Labs, Turtle...
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