Update: Get Free Tips - Finding duplicate files using standard Windows tools

In most cases, you would resort to using the Windows search tool. However, this task can be accomplished more effciently using other standard Windows tools. The program you will need to use is called ‘upfnder.exe’ and it lies dormant on your Windows XP installation CD—you frst need to extract it from here.Insert the CD in the drive and view its contents in Windows Explorer. Go to the sub-folder ‘Support\Tools’ and double-click on ‘support.cab’. Once the contents of thisarchive are displayed, select ‘dupfnder.exe’ and open ‘File | Extract’. For ‘Select
destination’, point it to the Windows folder on your hard disk, and click on ‘Extract’.You can now start the tool through ‘Start | Run’. To use this tool, select ‘View | Options’, then activate the ‘CRC-32 Information’ option and confrm with ‘OK’. Comparing CRC information will ensure if two fles are exactly the same or not—you can easily use this functionality to locate duplicate fles and delete them accordingly.

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