Update: Get Free Tips - Google docs & Spreadsheets

Even though Google Docs & Spreadsheets is not a complete replacement for Microsoft Offce, it
certainly enables teamwork on documentsvia the Internet. Unfortunately the new Offce 2007 formats, for example, are not yet supported by Google. Therefore, frst save the documents in an older format, for example, Word 97-2003 documents through ‘File | Save as’. Googlealso restricts the size and number of documents that can be uploaded. One text document cannot be larger than 500 KB and with embedded images, its size cannot exceed 2 MB. A spreadsheet can contain a maximum of 10,000 lines, 256 columns, 50,000 cells, and 20 workbooks.
In all, a user can have 1,000 documents, 1,000 images, and 200 spreadsheets at his
disposal with the search giant. uPlOadiNG: To transfer a fle, visit the website http://docs.google.com, log in with your account data, click on ‘Upload’, and then on ‘Browse… in the following dialog box. Navigate to the desired fle on your computer. Apart from HTML and text fles, DOC, RTF, SXW, and ODT as well as table fles in XLS, ODS and CSV formats
are supported.

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